Outlook – add email account

Microsoft Outlook fully supports IMAP email accounts.

1. Install Outlook

Either legacy or Office 365, we will assume you have a version installed on your machine. The screenshots are from the current (June 2018) Office 365 version of Outlook.

2. Add an email address to your account

Open Outlook, and if this is the first you’ve started it after a fresh installation, it will ask you if you want to add an email address to your account.

Enter your email address and tick “Let me set up my account manually” before selecting “Connect”.


Select IMAP

And Outlook will auto-detect the server settings, by fetching details from our servers.

4. Password and connect

Enter your email account password and Outlook will verify your credentials and access.

4. All done

Enjoy your new mail account.

IMAP server settings

Though not essential, we advise our users to use the following Outlook IMAP mail settings.

Navigate to File (top left in the ribbon), then select Account Settings.

Select the account and then “Change”.

Here you can set how you would like your account to show up in emails, usually your name. For example “Joe Bloggs <joe@bloggs.me>”, joe@bloggs.me is the email address, but under “Your Name” you can enter “Joe Bloggs”. Ensure you leave the email address untouched.

Outgoing mail servers, no need to change the detected settings.

Outgoing mail servers, no need to change the detected settings.

The default folder locations work great in Outlook, no need to make any changes.