Network Consulting

20+ years of Telecommunications and IT experience enables me to troubleshoot, Implement, design with and advise on, a wide range of technologies and solutions. My tenacity mixed with a firm understanding of protocols and best practises, enables me to adapt to the most diverse of challenges.

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Content Aware

VoIP, video conferencing, load-balancing and testing experience have given me in depth application and protocol knowledge. Allowing me to assess and motivate requirements shaping network and service design. For example when dealing with the intricacies of QoS or a first implementation.

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Security Minded

Even as a Network Consultant, security is essential start to finish, whether by stated requirement or not. Understanding the principles helps to cope with the rapidly changing landscape. With careful consideration, security and scalability can lead to reduced complexity.

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Network Engineer . IP Designer . Architect . Consultant

Solving complex problems and restoring confidence gives me a huge sense of fulfilment and enjoyment. I work hard to understand before settling on a strategy, which is where political tact and discernment go hand-in-hand with experience.

Though Routing & Switching is still my main my main strength, it is paired with extensive knowledge of Security & Services. Let me help you refine and prioritise your unique business requirements to ensure adequate performance of the underpinning infrastructure.

Failure to incorporate sufficient flexibility in corporate standards will prove costly over time, I prefer adaptability over a quick win and have often managed to do so without compromising targets or cost. The political tact of motivating capital or operational expenditure is not lost on me.

I highly value learning and sharing knowledge, be it at executive or operational levels. Discreetly and whenever suitable, blogging about undocumented problems encountered. That said, my accreditations suffered under UK permanent employment. I expect to renew and acquire new accreditations as I settle into contracting.