New year, new site, same service

New year, new site, same service

Welcome to 2017, I hope you like our new website. It had been on my list of things to do for way too long, so when my last contract ended and server maintenance was done I thought it high time to set matters straight. For those wondering why it took us so long to update our old (web) home? Well… As some would say, builders have the worst looking houses, a bit of a stereotype I know. But nonetheless, it appears a commonly understood truth. And in their defence, the cause is usually a lack of ‘spare’ time after serving customers.

Looking back

So here it is, the tip of the iceberg of 9 years of improvements on our initial hosting set-up. We’ve gone through several server migrations, expanded to multiple servers, implemented monitoring & reporting and battled increasing spam & attacks.

The present

With all the work completed late last year, all sites hosted on our servers now have free Letsencrypt certificates1). To utilise this level of security, we have enforced SSL encryption for all sites, which will help keep (your) Google rankings up where they should be.

Our server upgrades also meant we now use a much faster version of PHP to host dynamic sites (eg WordPress etc.), this has reduced the time it takes for a site/page to load in your browser. Much time was spent testing and updating code on client sites, to ensure the updates wouldn’t break anything.

As for email, all mail domains already had SPF. In addition DKIM and DMARC have been implemented to prevent email spoofing. Implementing DMARC takes some consideration as all valid mail sources need to be considered. Failure to do so may see email dropped or marked as spam, but it must be said, only mail not sent from Maizymoo servers. If you want us to implement DMARC on your Maizymoo hosted email, just send us an email requesting DMARC anti spoofing and include if you send news letters or use email services (eg mailchimp etc.).

Looking forward

Having moved on from a single server and no redundancy back in 2008. We now offer redundant servers as standard, and are able to provide domain names and SSL certificates. For all this time, the way we interact with and serve our clients hasn’t changed, nor had our prices. We absorbed the increasing costs, putting off a price increase as long as we could. You may remember that we had to add VAT in 2016, though we only did so 18 month after becoming VAT registered. Now that we’ve completed our last batch of upgrades and improvements, we feel a price increase is justified for the service we provide. Admittedly our prices aren’t the cheapest you can get, but this was never our aim. We have always wanted to offer the best and fairest price to enable and empower our customers online. What we offer is a personalised service, where we meet our clients at their level of understanding and provide the security of mind they need to operate their business at the best of their ability.

What do you think?

We would love to hear from you, whether you’re an existing customer or not.

Our prices are on our home page and don’t forget, annual payments get either a free domain or 5% discount2).


Network Contractor and Maizymoo CTO. Loves problem solving and anything even remotely technical. With over 20 years in IT of which 18+ in networking.

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